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for the same deflection (for example a 1mm step in 17x25 SS vs. 19x25 SS). This is clini-cally manifested by the ease of leveling using 19x25 SS in a .022 slot when compared to 17x25 SS in the .018 slot. The only advantage I see in .022 is more archwire selection in extremely complicated cases. Otherwise, I love an .018 slot. 18 - versus & 22 - slot - SlideShare Usage of undersized archwires, facilitates the free sliding of the archwire through the bracket slot – reduces frictional resistance or binding at the bracket Benefits and Rationale of Differential Bracket Slot Sizes: The Use of 0.018-Inch and 0.022-Inch Slot Sizes Within a Single Bracket System – Martin B. Epstein; Angle Orthodontist, Vol ... The Great Debate .018 vs .022 - D-tech Asia, India an .022 slot system, as I did using an .018 slot. Th us, an .018 slot system is vastly more effi cient for 2 reasons: I use fewer wires in treatment, so my inventory and wire costs are much lower. I can treat in fewer appointments, resulting in a ... The Great Debate .018 vs .022.indd

a 17x25 (.018 slot) or a 19x25 (.022 slot) cross section for maximum fit and stability of appliance. Placing a finger on top of the nut attachment will help stabilize the nut mechanism when tightening the screw. Reverse Thread Assembly (turning distally) on right side screw attachments avoids screw back-out during treatment. Right

Evaluation of Slot Size in Orthodontic Brackets: Are Standards as Expected? JIOS The Journal of Indian Orthodontic Society, October-December 2011;45(4) of 0.018 inch slot and 0.022 inch slot with two different measuring devices. Materials and methods: Out of 80 straight wire brackets ... The Orthoevolution of Orthodontic Archwires - Orthodontic Jun 03, 2015 · In turn, .018 x .018 beta titanium archwires are followed by .016 x .022 beta titanium archwires. This wire permits more force area on the upper and lower horizontal surfaces of the archwire slots, and more control of torque and tip, thus individualizing tooth placement. I usually finish orthodontic treatment with stainless steel wires.

0.022 brackets can hold larger wires in the slots. The larger slot size can sometimes be more helpful in managing the spaces and maintaining good control of tooth positions. Also, 0.018 slots size will have smaller size wires that apply lesser forces, thus slightly more comfortable during space closure.

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